BA3a (ba3a) wrote,

Michel Petrucciani

У меня много причин нервничать. Поэтому Петруччиани.

«The sound, I think, is at least 75 percent, it already gives music it's great color».

«We are all in it together in fact, we learn to control, to do just enough so that it works, you have to learn how to stop. When music becomes silence, it is formidable, so it is on just that one has to work».

«The spirit of jazz is communication with others, and then it's also generosity. Because we must be generous, we must listen, we must know how to listen, then we should know how to give, and we must try to give twice what we heard».
Tags: Петруччиани, Холл, видео, гитара, джаз, добро, клавиши, конспект, музыка, наблюдения, тащит, философия
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